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Cloud Managed Services





Cloud Email

Email Cloudization is the process by which your email servers will be migrated to dedicated/co-located Virtualized Servers with seamless access from any mobile devices (iPhone & Tablet).   

Phone & Fax Cloudization
Our cloudization process with convert your phone system to a VoiP Plug&Play Desktop/Soft Phones.You will also enjoy the eFax feature that integrates your faxes with your office applications. 
Mono or Multi Cloud Migration 
With much of IT overhead and maintenance expenses, it is time to consider reducing your IT budget by migrating your on-prem servers to virtualized ones and finally enjoy a reliable and scalable IT platform. 
Secure Shared Files
We will create a Shared Files with a controlled access for users' online/offline remote access. Your Business Files will be secured and available at all times. 
Desktop Virtualization

It is the process by which images of your desktops are created and stored remotely  and hence dissociated from the end point machines (workstations, laptops, phones, tablets).  

Automated IaaS & PaaS Life Cycle
allows your business cloud platforms to be accessible from anywhere, at all times.  


Data Backup & Recovery

We offer a myriad of online data backup solutions and we guarantee your data recovery. 

Document Archiving

Electronically manage and archive your business documents (email, scans, e-docs, records etc.) and secure them for ubiquitous access from any device. 

24/7 Secure Tech Support

Remote Tech Support, Training and Knowledge Transfer, Cloud Security

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